2024 Event Partners

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Lead Partner

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in cryo-EM instrumentation and takes ownership of customer success with a view that spans the entire structure-based drug design workflow, enabling customers to accelerate and derisk drug discovery and development. Cryo-EM imaging is transforming diverse therapeutics pipelines, including small molecule, antibody and protein therapeutics, vaccines, cell and gene therapies.


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Expertise Partner

CryoCloud’s cloud-native platform provides access to optimized cryoEM data analysis solutions running on fast & scalable cloud infrastructure. Our platform is globally accessible via a user-friendly web-app and provides no-code solutions for live data uploads, end-to-end cryoEM data analysis and scalable cloud storage.

CryoCloud removes the entry barriers for new researchers and accelerates analysis for everybody - no installation or setup is needed. Our mission is to make cryo-EM more accessible, affordable & automated, and thereby accelerate your drug discovery projects.



Expertise Partner

Proteros is a privately-held company with expertise in structure-based drug discovery powered by a cutting-edge discovery engine tailored to unlock even the most technically challenging disease-relevant drug targets. Proteros’ scientific rigor accelerates overall research timelines for clients by solving the “High-hanging-fruits” of the early drug discovery and development stages. Proteros is consistently seen as the go-to partner for Hit to Lead Optimization services for many of the largest pharmaceutical companies and more than 200 pharmaceutical and biotech partners worldwide.



Expertise Partner

Immuto Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that is transforming the way biotherapeutics are discovered. Protein structural analysis is an essential step in the drug discovery process, and compared to all other methods used today, our suite of proprietary technologies enables assessment of drug binding, target conformation, and interactions with an unprecedented degree of accuracy and speed. With our industry leading structure-based platform, we enable the discovery of next generation therapeutics against the most challenging targets.‍‍ Using our patented approach, we are on a mission to demystify and democratize protein structure, function, and dynamics - driving rationally designed drug development at unprecedented speed. Unlock rational design for biologics and reimagine drug discovery with us.



Expertise Partner

Curia is a global CDMO focused on generating solutions and intellectual property for our clients. Curia’s SBDD-related services include: Protein expression, crystallography and analysis; computer-aided drug design; medicinal chemistry, assay development and screening; in vitro pharmacology, in vitro ADMET, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and immunohistochemistry.  These services are offered as fully integrated structure-based drug design solutions comprising any or all of the above, under one roof, and tailored for each client.


puxano (2)

Innovation Partner

PUXANO is a platform-based CRO specializing in protein design and structure-based research. Our platform harnesses structure and diffusion-based protein design methodologies, integrating these with high-throughput experimental validation. From expression to purification, our processes ensure that every design strategy is quickly transformed in tangible results that can be used for biophysical studies such as cryoEM. At the forefront of our technological advancements is a proprietary portfolio of cryoEM grids, specifically designed to resolve problems such as low protein concentration (1µg/ml), preferred particle orientation and protein complex disassembly.


NIS - partner

Exhibition Partner

Visualizing biomolecular structures through cryo-EM high resolution structure determination can provide insight into multiple stages of the drug development process, from target identification through manufacturing. As the industry leader in cryo-EM with more scientists and TEM microscopes than any service provider in North America, NIS is a CRO specializing in cryo-EM to enable structure based drug design of a variety of targets, including antibody-antigen complexes, GPCRs, protein degraders, proteins with and without ligands, and more.


helix biostructures

Exhibition Partner

Helix BioStructures is a Gene-to-Structure services company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, servicing both industry and academia. Our end-to-end services include custom protein production (structural-biology grade), biophysical characterization, cryo-EM, protein crystallography, X-ray data collection, and SAXS. Our capabilities are enabled by our expert scientists and cutting-edge instrumentation, resulting in successful outcomes, high-quality research, unmatched efficiency, and affordability. We proudly stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction.


WuXi Biortus

Event Partner

Biortus is a world leading, independent, structure-based drug discovery CRO with a mature lead generation platform including modular services in soluble and membrane protein production, assay and screening, and structure determination in microED, CryoEM, and X-ray crystallography. Since 2009, Biortus has partnered with numerous research institutions, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies in all fields of research around the world. Our Boston site is available for 2-way sample shipment and serves as the headquarters for our off-the-shelf Protein Catalog, helping accelerate drug discovery.