Why Partner?

The Structure-Based Drug Design Summit presents the unique opportunity for key stakeholders from leading organizations to unite to advance techniques and applications for 3D protein structure determination across small molecules, peptides, to biologics for hard-to-drug targets.

The inaugural, 3-day, in-person meeting will present a crucial opportunity for attendees to develop lasting relationships with organizations specifically seeking solutions and expertise in their structure-based drug design.

Gain market insights, network with thought leaders in the field, and showcase your solution to affirm you position as a leader in the structural biology community. We will work with you to find the best way to achieve your commercial and strategic goals and make valuable connections with bespoke partnership opportunities.

2024 Event Partners

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Experts Need Your Help With:

Cryo-EM CROs

X-Ray Crystallography CROs


Cryo-ET CROs

Protein Samples

AI & Technology Solutions

Structure-Based Data Storage Solutions

Key Reasons to Partner in 2025:

Build brand awareness and increase market share through pre-conference and at-event advertising

Showcase your solutions with a dedicated booth and give potential clients a hands-on insight into your capabilities

Gain the trust of drug developers by presenting on the main agenda and position yourself as the essential partner for success

Generate new business leads and make connections by securing valuable face-to-face time with key decision makers during speed networking and pre-organized 1-2-1 meetings

Be part of the community and cement your company as key to advancing structure-based drug design to help you achieve your business goals