Henrik Möbitz

Company: Novartis

Job title: Associate Director Data Science



Advancing Drug Targets Into the Limelight By Harnessing Different Structural Techniques 11:30 am

  • Discovery of HRO761, a novel, first-in-class clinical stage WRN inhibitor by structure and property-based design using ab initio conformational analysis
  • Harnessing a reiterative screening strategy driven by structural analysis coupled with biophysics and biochemical mode of action analysis to identify a single non-covalent binder among thousands of artefact hits
  • Using structure to rationalize mode of action and SAR to optimize the series
  • A digital assay and generative chemistry to improve the physiochemical properties of our beyond rule of 5 lead, increasing oral exposure by a million-fold

day: Day 1

Henrik Moebitz