Jason Yano

Company: Revolution Medicines

Job title: Director & Head Of Structural Biology



Capitalizing on Structural Biology to Target the Oncogenic State of RAS Mutants with RAS(ON) Tri-Complex Inhibitors 11:45 am

  • Exploring the rational design of a natural product-inspired small molecule created a neomorphic surface on an intracellular chaperone cyclophilin A that was exploited to target active KRASG12C with high affinity and selectivity
  • Harnessing further structure-guided optimization to design a novel, non-covalent compound with broad activity across the active state of multiple oncogenic (H/K/N) RAS variants
  • Showcasing the preclinical data to demonstrate the Tri-complex inhibitors selectively target active KRASG12C or multiple RAS mutants and are now in clinical trials

day: Day 2