Oliver Acton

Company: AstraZeneca

Job title: Associate Principal Scientist



Structure-Based Vaccine & Antibody Discovery at AstraZeneca 9:45 am

  • Leveraging Cryo-EM in structure-based design of novel vaccine candidates
  • Highlighting structural determination of MoA for neutralising antibodies against respiratory viruses

day: Day 2

Panel Discussion: Evaluating the Wave of Computational & Predictive AI Tools in Structure Prediction to Optimize the Usability & Practicality of the Approaches 5:00 pm

  • Focusing on hard to study and hard to drug proteins to navigate the efficacy of tools to predict dynamic proteins
  • Using models as a template when processing Cryo-EM, X-Ray Crystallography data to build protein models
  • Debating whether in practice structural models can effectively and efficiently predict novel protein interactions to get the most out of the structural data

day: Day 1

Oliver Acton Headshot