Pravien Abeywickrema

Company: J&J Innovative Medicine

Job title: Principal Scientist



Navigating Protein Samples for Each Structural Technique to Optimize Protein Production & Supercharge Structure Determination 11:35 am

This workshop dives into the realm of protein samples, the crucial yet demanding foundation for unveiling protein structures using techniques in the structural toolbox including NMR, X-Ray Crystallography, and Cryo-EM. This workshop will equip you and your team with the knowledge and practical tips to optimize your samples for each technique, maximising your opportunity to capture protein set for structurebased drug design needs.

  • Understanding, in a perfect world, the ideal protein for each technique and illuminating the interplay between protein samples and structural techniques
    • NMR: Exploring how protein size, isotopic labelling, buffer conditions influence NMR and resonance
    • X-Ray Crystallography: Delving into protein purity, crystallization strategies, and cryoprotection methods to generate high-quality crystals
    • Cryo-EM: Discussing protein concentration, buffer composition, and vitrification techniques for preparing frozen samples to capture protein dynamics close to native states
  • Collating the amount of protein needed to achieve higher resolution structures
  • Exploring sample diversity to enable understanding of how to achieve the highest quality sample
  • Rethinking structural technique strategies to mitigate obstacles and harness the potential of the protein at play
  • Honing strategies to implement to overcome protein sample obstacles for successful structure-based drug design
  • Optimizing protein performance through expression systems, protein purification, and sample labelling and modification

day: Pre-Conference Day

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