Rinku Jain

Company: Abbvie

Job title: Principal Scientist - Research



Panel Discussion: Evaluating the Wave of Computational & Predictive AI Tools in Structure Prediction to Optimize the Usability & Practicality of the Approaches 5:00 pm

  • Focusing on hard to study and hard to drug proteins to navigate the efficacy of tools to predict dynamic proteins
  • Using models as a template when processing Cryo-EM, X-Ray Crystallography data to build protein models
  • Debating whether in practice structural models can effectively and efficiently predict novel protein interactions to get the most out of the structural data

day: Day 1

Harnessing AlphaFold as a Powerful Tool to Initially Approach Unknown Structures & Generate Hypotheses 4:30 pm

  • Assessing the strengths and limitations of AlphaFold in structure-based drug design
  • Determining the fold of structures using AlphaFold and looking to site changes and potential confirmational changes
  • Identifying the efficiency to predict different states, complex systems, proteins in different environments to understand if AlphaFold can address these problems

day: Day 1

Diving Deep into Data: Cultivating Data Acquisition & Management for Structural-Based Drug Design 2:35 pm

This workshop sets to delve into data, with so much data generated from each structural technique this is your unique opportunity to unite with peers to understand how best to store and process this data to propel your team’s structure determination and drug design projects.

  • Discussing efficient data storage and organization strategies to enable easy access, retrieval, and sharing of valuable structural data
  • Navigating the diverse landscape of software tools and pipelines tailored to each technique to facilitate data processing, analysis and visualization
  • Exploring advancements in AI-powered data processing, cloud-based data storage, and automated structure interpretation algorithms

day: Pre-Conference Day

Rinku Jain